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About Us

Shipwright Services was born out of a desire to take Shipping back to its roots, where clients were king and work ethic was par for the course. With emphasis on onboard attendance, full service and personalized reporting. Included will be stockpile oversight (if required / Possible ) This will assist with to give accurate cargo availability and reporting, for proper planning. We also believe in transparency, and will always provide this to our clients.

Company Profile

Let Us help you in your shipping needs!

Over 70 Ships Worked
Over 2 097 949.11 tons exported
Over 284 crew changed
Over 219 Granite blocks shipped

We offer the following Services

Port Agency
Handling all formalities to berth and sail the vessel. From ETA notices to ISPS. Liaise with all role players to ensure cargo availability. Handles Port account and disbursement account for client
Cargo Agency
Handling of all formalities with regard to the cargo operation. Liaising with Shippers to ensure cargo availability on berthing. Handling of all cargo documentations, including SOF, BOL and NOR.
Owners Agency (Protecting Agency)
Strictly there to assist Owners and assist with ensuring all formalities and loading done as per requirements.
Clearing and Forwarding Service
We handle all Customs requirements to clear cargo for export, drawing up of cargo manifests, Mate’s receipts and BOL’s. Assists with cargo dues after vessel sailed and submitting final docs to Customs.
Logistics assistance
We can assist with any logistic issues in moving cargo from plant to quayside. This includes transportation / finding suitable storage, and stockpile management.
Husbandry Services
Assists with Owners requirements, Bunkers, Crew changes, Doctor visits etc.
Personalized Reporting
We will meet with clients, and streamline the reporting to suit there needs and requirements. Standard reporting includes, Berthing report, twice daily loading updates, updates at key times during loading operation, Commencements, grade changes, draft surveys and any other significant times during loading or offloading. Lastly sailing report with all relevant cargo docs.
Port Line up and Info
To provide Port line up and any other Port updates. This to be sent out 2 or 3 times per week.
"One Stop Shop" functionality
We will be your one point of contact, and will arrange and liaise with all parties concerned. Ensuring you peace of mind, and only one central contact. This will streamline the operation, and give you peace of mind.
Auxiliary services related to Port Operations
Any additional assistance not covered we will be able to assist and find the relevant service providers for you.

Agency Types

We can assist with all agency types required, Port, cargo or Owners agency.

As fully independent Port agents we will provide all services to ensure a smooth and timely berthing and sailing of vessel.

We will liaise with Cargo agent to ensure all cargo available and delivery to vessel done as swiftly as possible.

We will assist Master and Chief Officer to ensure best loading sequence and Loading plans are utilised, to ensure swift loading, but keeping vessel’s stability and safety our priority

Full Disbursement accounting, with no hidden costs, ensuring transparency

As the Cargo agents we will provide a logistic solution, to ensure vessel is loaded swiftly, and all paperwork is done to clients specific instructions.

Provide clearing and forwarding service to ensure documents passed by all relevant parties.

We will liaise closely with the Port agent to ensure vessel berths within the parameters set in the C/P or booking note, and to ensure swift loading and completion of cargo. This includes relaying specific instructions to Port agent to relay to vessel, with regard to stowing of cargo, grades, or any other specific instructions.

Passing all relevant documents to load cargo, assisting with IMBC code requirements, inspections etc. Ensure BOL’s are timelessly released soonest after vessel’s completion / departure

This service will be for Cargo owners or vessel Owners, to ensure their interest is protected on a vessel.

As the Owners supervisory agents we will oversee loading operation and ensure all parameters are met, as set out be the client.

As the Full agency on a vessel’s port call, we will be able to combine the above, to ensure all parties’ interests are looked after and the vessel and Port call is done swiftly and the most cost effective.

One agent also keeps costs down, as we will be able to provide a more competitive DA.

Husbandry Services

We provide full husbandry services for all vessel Port call, including:

  • Bunker delivery assistance ( tanker truck only ) no Bunker barge available
  • Crew change assistance, including O.K. to board, meet and assist and transportation
  • Launch Services
  • Cash to Master, with full banking services from reputable Banking firm
  • Crew Medical assistance, including emergency OPL airlifts, and Ambulance services
  • Spare Parts clearing and delivering
  • Further general matters that may arise

Let Us help you in your shipping needs!


As part of our one stop shop service, we have acquired a network of service providers to assist with any and all requirements on a vessel.

Cargo Supervision

Specialised personnel to assist with cargo loading, as well as inspections prior loading.


Stevedore companies are specialised in the loading and offloading of all cargoes on vessels.

Damage reporting

We have a local P&I surveyor as well as qualified independent surveyors we can appoint to assist with damage reporting.

Pre-load surveys

Qualified surveyors to assist with Pre load surveys of cargo, whether bulk to break bulk.

Tally services

Onboard tally services to count and record break bulk ( coils, granite etc. ) loaded onboard. Full report on completion.

On / Off hire surveying

Owners can appoint qualified on / off hire surveyors to do full inspection including bunker figures if required.

Draft Surveys

Appointing independent surveyor to do draft surveys with Shippers appointed or vessel appointed.

P & I assistance

Local P&I surveyor to assist with all P&I related issues onboard a vessel during her Port call.

Pre-load Hold inspections

Independent Surveyors to assist with Pre load inspections, to insure holds are up to Shippers requirements.

Overage surveys

Cape Size and Pananmax vessels over 15 years will require Overage survey and we can appoint Independent surveyors

Buyer inspections

Surveyor can be appointed on behalf of potential buyer, to inspect vessel or cargoes prior the sale.

Annual Class inspections

All major Class surveyors are in Cape Town and we can assist in appointing the correct one for any Class surveys.

Shipping Done Right! Stay Informed!

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Meet the Team

Derick Wright


6 Years experience at BPO, starting as Foreman and later ops supervisor. Moved to Rennies Ships Agency in 2006 and promoted to ops manager in 2014 and left in Feb 2017.

Experienced in Port operations, and had multiple key clients in his portfolio. Long standing relationship with various Shippers and Shipping lines. High work ethic with attention to detail, and client come first ethos.

Hanmari Thiart

Clearing and Forwarding Division

Hanmari joined us in 2023 armed with 14 years in the accounting industry. Proficient in everything SARS related. She heads up the Clearing and forwarding side of the business. She's got a passion for efficiency in the workplace and collaboration with her peers to achieve the best results.

Gerhard van Zyl

Husbandry services

5 Years’ experience with leading Service Provider, Albatross Marine Services, Gerhard served as Transport Operator, Meet & Assist Operator, and Offshore Launch Operator. From Albatross Marine Services, Gerhard joined Inchcape Shipping Services for 5 years. 3 x Years as Transport Operator, and 2x years as Husbandry Agent. Attention to detail and going the extra mile for the client comes first.

Freddie Wright

Stevedore Consultant

Freddie is well known in the Shipping community in Saldanha Bay. Retired now, he was the Branch manager of BPO for 28 years, with over 33 years working at BPO ( Then called South African Stevedores ).

He was instrumental in the Black Mountain business from setup of facility to his retirement. Also part of the Team that procured the Tronox and and Saldanha Steel business.

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